BBD Games
A board game publishing company


Submission Policy

We are currently NOT taking sumbmissions.

To submit a submission please contact us with a short pitch about your game. If like your pitch we will contact you and arrange to see the game in more detail throughthe one of the following:

  • A prototype sent to us
  • A pre-recorded video of you and other people playing the game

Your game must be:

  1. Fully Created: Your game should be fully created. Meaning you should have a playable game with rules and a box.
  2. Playtested: Your game should be thoroughly playtested. This means more than just by yourself. We would prefer your game be tested with multiple people and/or random people. As a published it is our job to make sure your game is playtested on a large scale. 
  3. Flexability: Your game should be flexible enough to have changes made to it. As a publisher we will most likely make adjustments to your game after thoroughly playtesting it.
  4. Rules: You should have a complete set of rules. A Microsoft Word document is fine, but it should be in a clean and readable format. Images and examples are preferred.
  5. Graphics: You should have graphics completed for your game. This will make playtesting your game much easier. However do not commission final graphics for your game. That is our responsibility as a publisher.
  6. Unique: We are looking for games that are unique. Having a game that is fun and different is what we are looking for.

Why choose us?

We are a small company but we are passionate about bringing fun and unique games to the market. We are here to apply our process's to your games just like we would to ours. We are here to be honest with you and be your partners and bringing your game to the market.

We do not accept unsolicited submissions. Please contact us first. Send us an email telling us about your game, what you are looking for, and why we should work with you.